Brush fun

Just found this brush, it is awesome, great for block in.

Grandpa! Finally!!

So I was thinking in this grandpa waiting the half of his life for the aliens to come pick up, a reflection of my own wish, I know I will be in the same position. I think this fast sketch match my overall vision of his features

The Smoker

I left the cigarrette so I decide to make an illustration in honor, hope you like


Head construction without reference

This is the kind of excersice I do in order to improve my technique, mixing the Reilly´s aproach to construct the head with some vilppu´s. Made with Faber Castell art grip black.

Trying some modeling

Test continues, this time I started from a dark grey canvas modeling some values, and next a little bit of render playing with one light source, understanding the brushes.

Understanding Values with my first test in photoshop+wacom

Well, hi Everybody, this is my first test using my wacom bamboo. I started this digital painting droping some values and consecuently blocking into the forms, for this robosuit I developed two different surface tones. I will continue setting the values and try some reflected light, I will keep it Matte, no specular reflection for the moment (maybe for the headset vault)

Trying to get correct perspective a little bit more, maybe still too dramatic